• Superior Double Room

    Superior Double Room

    1 double bed, 26.45m²

    A classic and exquisite décor which narrates simplicity of calmness and deep-running emotions and creates an unique taste for business hotels and resorts; comfortable but concise, unrestrained but in proper manners, allowing honored guests who stay here to prepare for vigor of tomorrow.

  • Deluxe Double Room

    Deluxe Double Room

    1 double bed, 33.06m²

    A fully modern classic and tranquil style bathroom brews in-depth leisure spaces for mental and physical relaxation; allowing honored guests to experience concise, simple esthetics of lodging no matter they are on business travel, leisure tour or family trip!

  • Deluxe Twin Room

    Deluxe Twin Room

    2 single beds, 33.06m²

    A space keeps business elites or honored guests upon family tour off the hubbub; tasting a sense of tranquility enabled by the space and feeling the deep relaxation of a tranquil lodging.

  • Executive Room

    Executive Room

    1 double bed, 42.98m²

    Building every amenity in details with heart, allowing those eminent honored guests who attend to numerous affairs every day to benefit from exclusive honor & glory and services!
    Precipitating a busy mindset and smoothening tired body and mind, with inner peace found by mapping out or devising strategy and a fresh look of mental state gained while residing in.